It's time to delve into the latest camera sales figures from Yodobashi, the fourth-largest retailer in Japan. While the dataset is substantial, it's essential to note regional variations, which may limit the direct applicability of these results to the Americas or Europe.

For six consecutive weeks, Sony has maintained its stronghold, securing the top position with the a7C II, closely followed by the kit package in second place.

Sony's dominance extends beyond second place with the a7 IV securing the third spot. However, what's notable is not the top three positions but in Sony's impressive control over the top 10, boasting six SKUs. In contrast, the market leader, Canon, clinches a solitary position with the R6 Mark II in ninth place.

Nikon, holds a respectable three places in the top ten, with the Z8 claiming the fourth position and demonstrating consistent strong performance throughout the year.

  1. Sony a7C II body 
  2. Sony a7C II kit 
  3. Sony a7 IV 
  4. Nikon Z8 
  5. Sony a7R V
  6. Sony a7 IV Kit 
  7. Sony FX3 
  8. Nikon Z50 Kit 
  9. Canon EOS R6 Mark II 
  10. Nikon Z fc 16-50 VR SL Lens Kit

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