The much-anticipated Canon EOS R1 appears to be edging closer to reality, leaving professional photographers awaiting an official announcement. According to a reliable and well-established source, the unveiling of the Canon EOS R1 is expected to precede the announcement of the EOS R5 Mark II, and based on the information provided to us, consider this to be in the bank.

The EOS R1, described by insiders as ‘the master of everything,' is said to be built from entirely new components, avoiding any reliance on existing parts. Canon is poised to initiate an extensive marketing campaign for the EOS R1, beginning this quarter with an Q2 expected to ship date.

While concrete specifications remain elusive for either the EOS R5 II or the EOS R1, leaks are anticipated in the near future, although we've been told that CFexpress Type C card slots will not be introduced.

With the spotlight firmly on the Canon EOS R1 along with new lenses, an announcement regarding the Canon EOS R5 Mark II is anticipated for the mid- to late summer of 2024.

Stay tuned for further updates as more information is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

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