Yodobashi Camera recently disclosed their sales data for the latter half of November, revealing a notable trend in consumer preferences. Sony continues to assert its dominance, securing five positions within the Yodobashi Top 10 chart. The Sony a7C II, holding steadfast at the number one spot for four consecutive weeks underscores the brand's enduring popularity. However, the Sony a7 IV has slipped to fifth place.

Nikon maintains a solid presence, securing the fourth position with the Nikon Z8 full-frame camera and the seventh position with its second and final entry, the Nikon Z50 kit. Canon, too, manages to carve out a space in the lower half of the chart, with two cameras making the cut: the Canon EOS R6 mark II and the Canon EOS R10 kit. This data not only provides insights into the ongoing competition among camera manufacturers but also reflects evolving consumer preferences in the dynamic photography equipment market.

  1. Sony a7C II
  2. Sony a7R V 
  3. Sony a7C II zoom lens kit 
  4. Nikon Z8  
  5. Sony a7 IV
  6. Canon EOS R6 Mark II 
  7. Nikon Z 50 Double Zoom Kit 
  8. Canon EOS R10 & RF-S18-150 IS STM Lens Kit 
  9. Sony FX3  
  10. Fujifilm X-S10 double zoom lens kit

Sony's ascendancy in the latter half of 2023 marks a significant shift in the dynamics of the camera market. After a period of Canon's dominance throughout 2022 and the initial half of 2023, the tables turned, with Canon struggling to maintain a robust presence in the top 10 rankings. The latter part of 2023 witnessed Canon's placement int he Yodobashi Top 10 dwindling to just one or two entries in the lower echelons of the chart.

As Canon prepares for the anticipated refresh of its Canon R1 and R5 mark II in the first half of 2024, industry observers are left to ponder whether the brand's challenge lies in the absence of third-party lens support. This raises questions about the potential impact on consumer demand for Canon cameras, suggesting that the lack of such support may be influencing the brand's competitive standing in the ever-evolving camera market.

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