The past few weeks saw some notable news events in the photo and video sector.

  1. Adobe Analytics marks Black Friday 2023 as the highest point in history, with online expenditures reaching nearly $10 billion in a single day, reflecting a noteworthy 7.5% year-over-year increase. This robust performance serves as a positive indicator for an unstable economy, but it is anticipated that this upward trend will contribute to the sustained growth of sales in the upcoming year.
  1. China has emerged as the frontrunner in the camera sales market, a notable development despite recent signals of a tepid economy.
  1. Established in 1937, Pop Photo was at one point the preeminent photography magazine globally, but have ceased operations, marking a significant loss in the photography industry's landscape. The closure of Pop Photo stands as the latest lamentable development in the sector.
  1. Adobe Stock instituted a new policy prohibiting AI-generated images bearing titles that imply they depict newsworthy events. This marks a significant restriction on the use of AI-generated visuals and is likely indicative of forthcoming limitations in this domain.
  1. Sirui, a prominent Chinese manufacturer specializing in tripods and lenses, has disclosed plans to introduce a line of cinema lenses crafted from Carbon Fiber—a pioneering move in the industry. To my knowledge, no other entity has attempted this. The implementation of carbon fiber in the lens construction significantly reduces their weight compared to conventional alternatives. While the 50mm and 75mm variants are pending inclusion on our website, the 35mm option is already available for purchase.
  1. Last but not least, have you ever seen a Solar storm up close? Check out this incredible timelapse:

Based out of the UK, Gord works for a research analytics firm specializing in the camera industry, employing advanced data analysis and market research techniques to provide invaluable insights to manufacturers and stakeholders.

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