Sony Alpha Rumours recently published a speculative piece outlining the potential specifications of the upcoming Sony a7S IV. It's crucial to emphasize the term used in the article,”Wild Rumors.” When Sony Alpha Rumors includes this phrase in their narrative, it signifies unverified information, often stemming from unauthenticated emails containing fabricated specifications.

Despite the presence of heated competition from industry giants like Canon and Nikon, coupled with the anticipated refresh of Panasonic S1 cameras, the prospect of a Sony a7S IV refresh in 2024 is not entirely implausible. However, unlike the five-year wait for the a7S III, the landscape in 2024 is vastly different.

The competition has rapidly transitioned from DSLRs to mirrorless systems, with both Canon's R5 and Nikon's Z8 offering impressive features such as 8K raw capability and the Z8 boasting up to 60 fps. Sony, on the other hand, has yet to present a camera that matches these specifications.

It is essential to note that Sony Alpha Rumours maintains accuracy when their reports are derived from validated or reputable sources. However, any information outside of this criterion should be approached with caution – at best, considered a forecast, and at worst, potentially a fabricated narrative.

Sony a7S IV Specifications (Rumored)

  • 19mp dual-layer full-frame stacked sensor 
  • Standard rolling shutter
  • Low-pass filterless
  • 6K 24/25, 30, 50/60 100/120 fps
  • 4K oversampled 24/25, 30, 50/60 100/120 fps 
  • 8 stop IBIS 
  • Dual native ISO up to ISO 25600 
  • Improved EVF
  • Improved LCD 
  • Improved ergonomics 
  • Improved heat dissipation system 
  • $3,499 to $4,000

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