There's been a lot of talk about canon opening up their lens mount. The Ordinary Filmmaker did a good job of covering the trials and tribulations over the past few years from Canon enforcing their IP to allowing some third party lens makers to produce RF lenses, but things started to get exciting with an October post by Sony Alpha Rumors.

Ordinary Filmmaker: Canon RF mount trials and tribulations

Sony Alpha Rumors gave us hope in October when they said Canon would open the mount by the end of 2023, but has not updated this story since October, 2023.

Sony Alpha Rumors: canon opening their mount

But earlier this morning, Canon Rumors said that a distributor has told them that Sigma has a big announcement to make about RF lenses in February, 2024. This announcement will be for several zoom and prime RF & RF-S lenses.

In a recent conversation that we had with an employee of a Sigma distributor in a certain country that we cannot name, we learned that February may finally be the month that we hear something from the Japanese third-party manufacturer. February is likely to be a big month for the RF-mount.

Canon Rumors

No further details have ben forthcoming. We don't know the focal lengths, the number of lenses or when they will be available. As the number of sourcing coming forward has increased since October, we suspect that we will hear more information in the coming weeks.

During the conversation, we learned that Sigma will likely show off, or at least talk about two RF/RF-S mount zoom lenses and a RF/RF-S prime lens early next year. The distributor hasn't been privy to the exact products Sigma plans to introduce, but they have been notified about the coming demand RF/RF-S lenses would bring.

Canon Rumors

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