BCN published the latest sales for interchangeable lenses in the Japanese market for October 2023. They do this regularly and are the only place in the world where this information is publicly available. This is the first time that third-party lenses sold better than OEM lenses – as in Sigma and Tamron lenses sold more than Canon and Nikon lenses! Third-party lenses represent over 35% of total sales for October. The numbers show that the Sony E mount is the most popular mount by far, with 36.6% of sales. The Nikon Z mount came in second with half the sales of the Sony E mount. Interestingly, the most popular selling lens ended up being the Sigma 18-50mm 2.8 for Fuji X mount.

Top 5 Sellers (October):

  • Sigma: 18.9%
  • Tamron: 17.8%
  • Sony: 14.5%
  • Nikon: 14.2%
  • Canon: 12.9%

SmallRig, known for their supports and rigs, just released a new travel tripod for videography. They entered the tripod industry just last year, and they are continuing to quickly expand in this space.

The long-sought-after Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 became available for pre-order this past week. It will start shipping on December 8th.

My favorite camera deal for Black Friday is the medium format Fuji GFX 100s. This 100-megapixel camera is normally $5,999 but is now being sold at its lowest price ever, at $4,399.

Apple may be building their own camera sensors soon. While this would be for their cell phones, if this does come to pass, it would have major implications across the entire photography industry.

Based out of the UK, Gord works for a research analytics firm specializing in the camera industry, employing advanced data analysis and market research techniques to provide invaluable insights to manufacturers and stakeholders.

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