The Canon EOS R5 Mark II is desired by many customer who bought the Mark 1. The Canon EOS R5 was release in July, 2020 and became the best selling Canon camera of their new mirrorless system. While little is known about this camera, details are starting to filter in.

    The EOS R5 Mark II, according to Canon Rumours, “Canon [will] show off a couple of new higher-end cameras at CP+ 2024 in Yokohama, Japan.” We can only think of four cameras that could apply to this. The Canon EOS r1, an update to the Canon EOS R3, a high megapixel camera and the Canon EOS R5 mark II.

    Canon Rumors has told us that the R5 Mark II will be announced before the R1 so I wonder if we will get the announcement of the EOS R5 Mark II and a high megapixel version of this camera. It's unlikely that canon will announce the EOS R1 and the EOS R5 Mark II at the same time.

    It's also likely that Canon will announce a pair of lenses to go along with the announcement. Will the RF 35mm f/1.2 be one of them, or might we get that announcement sooner?

    These are the latest leaked specifications we have from known sources.

    Canon EOS R5 Mark II Specifications (Rumoured)

    • 60mp full-frame stacked sensor
    • 8K 24/25, 30, 50/60 fps
    • better cooling than EOS R5 I
    • AI Autofocus capabilities
    • Announcement first half 2024

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