Images are circulating Facebook as being Nikon teaser images for the Nikon Z8. Is this Nikon's first Nikon Z8 teaser? They are written in Chinese and while they look authentic. Once translated they make very little sense and appear to be utter gibberish. I like a good rumour, but this one just doesn't hold up. What do you think?

    Machine translated text from images

    ∞ is the symbol of infinity in mathematics, symbolizing infinite possibilities
    8 Represents Strength in the Tarot determination to succeed Symmetrical form of an infinite loop give them harmony The implication of innovation and breakthrough Please lock the screen and watch it horizontally reciprocating Create unlimited possible to refine Heart continuous breakthrough self as Nikon Every one mileage monument is also brand new the starting line every stand end are down one stop starting point

    In Nikon ∞ is endless life beyond infinity Nikon with a century of accumulation Relying on the corporate philosophy of trust and creation With the ingenuity spirit of excellence Continuously innovate products and services And advocate sustainable eye health solutions Nikon selects exclusive solutions tailored for you to facilitate the visual experience of the whole life cycle In the Nikon 8 is concentrated energy to achieve extraordinary Nikon at the forefront Using the world’s best exclusive technology The first eight-axis lens that is unique in the industry Optimize combinations with over 400 million designs Meet each consumer’s unique visual needs, visual preferences and visual habits Nikon will work with you to define the exclusive vision and restore a clearer and truer clear vision

    Nikon provides you with exclusive eye health solutions The beginning of Nikon O starts with 8 Nikon and you break through the established limits and see the vastness and infinity.

    I think it is safe to say that this is not from Nikon, that someone has faked these as coming from Nikon. For the latest Nikon Z8 rumours, click here.

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