How2fly who has a track record of getting several rumours right, has said that the “Z 200-600 is coming soon,” but offers nothing further. He didn't mention the Z8, but launching the Z8 along side the 200-600 would be a nice one two punch.

    The Nikon Z8 has been rumoured for the past 12 months. How2fly even stated that the camera would be announced in Q2 2022 before changing that to Q3 2022. How2fly has not said anything further about the camera since. Nikon Rumors says we can expect the Z8 in late April or early May 2023. We are close to those dates, yet we've received no leaks.

    Interesting how we are getting teased of a new Nikon super telephoto soon, but nothing on the Nikon Z8. We should know soon enough.

    Source: hot2fly

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