Specs for the Sony A7000 and the Sony A6500 are making their rounds on the Internet today, but it's highly unlike to be true. We don't have any validation and even Sony Alpha Rumors is saying these are, “unlikely to be correct.”

    The Sony A7000 Specs include

    • 26 Megapixel sensor
    • BIONZ XR Image Processor
    • AI Processing Chip
    • Sony A7 IV form factor
    • 4K 24/25, 30, 50/60 fps Super35
    • Mechanical Shutter
    • 1/8000s
    • IBIS
    The Sony A6500 Specs includes
    • 24 Megapixel Sensor
    • BIONZ XR Image Processor
    • AI Processing Chip
    • 6K oversampled 4K
    • 4K 24/25, 30 fps Super35
    • Mechanical shutter 1/4000s
    • No IBIS
    • Pop-Up EVF

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