Will the Sony a9 III be released in the summer of 2024? According to Sony Alpha Rumors, the A9 III will have a 25 Megapixel sensor and be able to shoot 30 fps lossless raw, but this will likely be limited to recent Sony lenses. For video it will be capable of 4K up to 60 fps. Is 4K60 sufficient in 2023?

    But how reliable is the information? While some of the specs are plausible, we are too far away for these specs to come from reliable sources.

    Sony a9 III Rumoured Specs

    • 25 Megapixel Full Frame Stacked Sensor
    • Same Autofocus as Alpha One
    • 30 fps 14-bit lossless raw
    • 240 fps live view
    • 6.2K full sensor
    • Super35 1.5 crop
    • 4.1K Oversampled 4K 24/25, 30, 50/60 fps
    • XAVC HS/S/SI 10 bit 4:2:2
    • Summer 2024 release

    Source: Sony Alpha Rumors

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