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    It's been 3.5 years since Sony announced the Sony A7S III. Many had predicted that we would see a refresh of the A7S III coming in late 2023 or early 2024, but that has been dashed by Sony Alpha Rumours, along with the idea that we will be getting a refresh of the Sony Alpha One. SO what is Sony expected to announce between now and January?

    Sony registered cameras

    Sony registered three cameras in September. WW459276 was registered on September 20 and was released as the Sony a9 III last week, sporting a global shutter that has reverberated through the industry ever since. The Sony a9 III will start shipping in Spring, 2024 according to Sony.

    That was the Sony a9 III, which was announced last week and will start shipping in the spring. But sony registered two other cameras one on September 20th and the other on September 4. One was believed to be the Sony a7S4, the other was conjectured to be an FX camera. 

    WW559681, which was registered on September September 4, 2023 is the Sony LR1, while WW279317 is for a video centric camera, which Sony Alpha Rumors believes to be a successor to either the FX6 or FX9. No specs are known at this time, but WW279317 is definitely expected to be an FX camera

    Andrea Pizzini went further stating that “No A7S IV or A1 II [is] coming any time soon.”

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