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    Panasonic announced the S1 and S1R in January, 2019 with two impressive full-frame cameras, but a lot has happened since 2019. Canon woke up and released the R5, Nikon woke and released the Z9 and Z8 with cameras in the price range of the S1 series now offering 40 megapixels and 8K video. Many have been asking for an update and we have good news for you.

    Panasonic registered two cameras in China identified as P2303 and P2301. P2303 is a high-and camera with P2301 being the low end camera. It is not possible to know which high end camera will be released, but it will likely be the S1 II, S1 R II or S1H II. As the S1 II is the hybrid of video and stills appealing to a greater market, we expect it to be announced first.

    Derek is a writer, video and stills shooter who has been in the video graphics industry since the 1980s. Derek is a founding member of the Camera Insider.

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