Canon rumours says that the Canon EOS R1 will have some sort of announcement in January, February or March, 2024. They are so sure about this that they have rated the post as a CR3, meaning it is fact, and validated from multiple sources.

    The Canon EOS R1 will not have quad pixel autofocus despite having a patent with the technology and the competition already releasing the OM1 back in 2021. However, improvements are expected in the deep learning space.

    No specs were given, but it is expected to double the resolution of the 1DX Mark III at a minimum. We expect it to be a stacked sensor as the R3, a camera currently selling for $4,999 already has the technology, and we expect it to have a modified version of the eye controlled autofocus.

    A development announcement is what we expect to happen in early 2024, though we could get a first of many teaser videos. Either way, we can expect the leaks to start accelerating as we approach black Friday and the new year.

    The rumoured specs below have not been validated, nor do we stand behind them, but it saves you from searching google to find them. Expect validated specs to come soon.

    Canon EOS R1 Rumored Specs – Unvalidated

    • 40+mp stacked full frame sensor
    • Multiple resolution stills modes
    • Much improved autofocus
    • Dual CFexpress Type B card slots
    • 15.5 EV+ Dynamic Range
    • 7mp dot EVF, blackout free
    • New LCD design
    • Improved dynamic range
    • 5-axis IBIS up to 9 stops
    • Price $6,999 – $7,399

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