According to the Ordinary Filmmaker, despite a source stating that the EOS R1 will get dual CFExpress Type C cards, and backed up by multiple rumour sites, he says it's not going to happen. Simon says that the current type B cards are more than fast enough and if any more speed it needed, gen 4 cards will be able to deliver the speeds required for the EOS R1.

    While many have reported on the Canon EOS R1 specs, most have been nothing more than conjecture. Anything Canon Rumors has put out has either been a CR0 or CR1 at best and everyone else appears to be reporting on a variation of what Canon Rumors has put out.

    Without any validated specs, we don't see the Canon EOS R1 having dual CFExpress Type C cards. It makes no sense for Canon to do this, and does not benefit Canon customers. It is likely that this all started from the April Fools video put out by the Ordinary Filmmaker in April, 2023.

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