Sony patent application JP 2023-134468 A, improves the quantum efficiency and response speed of a photoelectric conversion element using an organic material. 

    The organic photoelectric conversion element includes a p-type molecule represented by the figure below. This could improve throughput of Sony stacked sensors as well as image processors.

    The formula expresses either an oxygen atom, a sulfur atom and a selenium atom, noted as R1 to R4. The remainder of R1 and R4 represents hydrogen, and R5 and R8 represents a substituted or unsubstituted heteroaryl group having 4 to 30 carbon atoms, and the remainder of R5 and R8 represents hydrogen. My chemistry is a little off so you might want to review the patent blueprints below to understand how the patent improves efficiency. The main outcome of this patent is increased semiconductor efficiency that will improve Sony sensor and image processor performance.

    Patent JP 2023-134468 A Blueprints

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