Canon's patent application JP 2023 – 133340 was filed September 22, 2003. It's purpose is to address the problem of being capable of changing a base length in a wide range, which allows control of the 3D effect and changes the distance between the optical groups when the aperture changes.

    The patent application is clearly aimed at the Canon RF 5.2mm f/2.8 dual fish eye 3D VR lens, as can be viewed in the patent blueprints below. It's the first Stereoscopic 3D 180° VR lens for the RF mount allowing content creators to create vides that immerses the viewer into the created environment.

    The patent application solves the issue by including the second optical system (200L) arranged in parallel with the first optical system (200R), with the lens mount (122) configured to be attached to a camera body.

    The first optical system and the second optical system has, in order from an object side to an image side, a first optical axis (OA1). The second optical group has second optical axes (OA2) and third optical axes (OA3). When the first optical system and the second optical system rotate around the third optical axes, an interval (L1) between the respective first optical axes of the first optical system and the second optical system changes more than an interval (L3) between the third optical axes.

    JP 2023-133340A

    Patent applications aren't the best read, nor does an application indicate that a mark II will come. The patent applications protects their research and development, even monetizing it. While we might not see a Mark II of the Dual Fish Eye Lens, we can expect to see the technology in future products.

    Being such a limited niche, one might wonder if there is enough demand for a Mark II, or even another focal length. The Mark I simulates normal human vision, or to be more accurate, the angel of view as seen through both eyes at once.

    JP 2023-133340 Patent Blueprints

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