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    Panasonic announced the Lumix G9 II on September, 2023 for $1,897.99, unlike other Panasonic cameras, the G9 is aimed at photographers and the G9 II is no different. The Phoblographer has an early in-depth review of the Panasonic G9II. We've captured the highlights, but recommend reading the full article.

    Panasonic G9 II Specifications

    • 25.2 megapixel MFT sensor
    • 4K video 24/25, 30, 50/60 fps
    • 10-bit 4:2:2
    • IBIS 8-stop
    • Hybrid phase detection autofocus
    • Car and Motorcycle detection autofocus added
    • 60 fps electronic shutter
    • 10 fps burst mechanical shutter with continuous autofocus
    • Pixel Shift 100mp
    • A lower base ISO of 100 (ISO 50 extended)
    • Vari-Angle LCD at 1,840k dots

    Photoblographer G9 II Preview Highlights

    • Ergonomics haven't changed much. The body feels similar to the S5II, which shares the same chassis.
    • The grip is comfortable to hold even when using heavy telephoto lenses.
    • Unlike the G9's four-way joystick, it can also be moved diagonally.
    • The 3.68 million-dot EVF does not black out during continuous shooting in electronic shutter mode.
    • Unlike the S5 II or S5 IIx, the G9II has no cooling vents and is limited to 15 minutes of 4K at extreme temperatures above 100°F / 37.8°C
    • The menu tabs aren't easy to understand.
    • Startup time after is slower than other models taking about five seconds.
    • Autofocus is redesigned with phase difference technology, and is pretty fast, but far from perfect.
    • When photographing birds and animals, the autofocus worked well capturing the animals through eye detection. The G9 II gets when trees, grass or branches are in front of the subject. 
    • Facial recognition works well, recognizing faces and eyes even in profile. 
    • The image quality of the G9II is at the same level as the GH6 in terms of resolution and detail, but whereas the GH6's dynamic range boost is not applied to still images below ISO 800, the G9II's is.
    • At ISO 1600 detail is maintained without too much noise, but detail falls off beginning at ISO 3200.
    • The G9 II is an exciting upgrade, and its improved AF and continuous shooting make it the camera that will most appeal to wildlife and sports photographers. But another exciting thing about the G9II is its focus on still photographers. I was very unhappy when the GH6 ditched live composite for enhanced video, but the G9II still has live composite, along with better image stabilization and better dust and splash sealing. .
    • First impressions of the G9II were generally positive. However, I think I'll need to spend a little more time figuring out the pros and cons of this camera. The biggest concern is that animal eye AF tends to fail if there are branches in front of the animal.

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