The Canon EOS R5 Mark II will surely be the most popular Canon camera release of 2024 and it will be bringing new features and accessories.

    It is now being said that the Canon EOS R5 Mark II will have a built-in ND filter, which is one of the more requested features that people would like to see in Canon EOS R bodies.

    The Canon EOS R5 Mark II will also obviously get the latest flash shoe, but I have also heard that there will be other new accessories for the camera. One of which will help deal with heat when shooting video and working in warmer environments.

    Could we see some kind of official external cooler from Canon? Perhaps. It's not like other camera companies haven't done the same.

    When we first published the story, there was no validation, but Canon Rumours presented five patent filings that show they have been working on ND filters for one series bodies as well as a five series. While patent applications do not confirm that the R5 Mark II or the R1 will have internal ND filters, the drawings do show that they have designed a rail system to fit a one-series camera.

    The level of planning and number of patent indicate that internal ND filters is something we could expect, and with all the talk of the EOS R1 being the master of everything, this feature would add to that persona.

    Canon has five patent applications referencing Internal ND filters. While the links are in Japanese, an English translation is available in the top-right of the screen.

    Patent Application 2023-128253 & 2023 128236 Images

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