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    NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–B&H is pleased to introduce the BURANO Digital Cinema Camera. Joining the VENICE near the top of Sony’s Cinema Line is the BURANO, a compact and lightweight cinema camera optimized for solo shooters. Blending the best of the CineAlta and FX series, the BURANO will no doubt be the camera to pick for many filmmakers looking for uncompromising image quality and outstanding mobility. An 8.6K full-frame sensor that can record in X-OCN LT raw has been tuned for perfect color matching with the VENICE and it features phase-detection AF technology when used with electronic Sony E-mount lenses. For ultimate mobility, the BURANO is equipped with both in-body image stabilization and an electronic variable ND filter. The mount can even be swapped out to standard PL for working with a wide array of cinema lenses. This camera is designed for maximum usability and class-leading image quality.

    The Sony Burano can be purchased for $24,999 from:

    Sony CineAlta BURANO Digital Cinema Camera

    6K Full-Frame CMOS Sensor 
    Compact and Lightweight Design for Solo Operation 
    Fast Hybrid AF System & In-Body Stabilization 
    Built-In Electronic Variable ND Filter 
    Dual Base ISO; 16 Stops of Dynamic Range 
    Interchangeable PL & E Mount 
    X-OCN LT Raw Video Recording 
    Dual CFexpress Type B Card Slots 
    Weather-Resistant Construction

    Full-Frame 8.6K CMOS Sensor

    In addition to matching the VENICE’s exceptional imagery, the BURANO camera’s 8.6K CMOS sensor incorporates Sony’s renowned autofocus technology – a huge boon for single operators when facing fast-paced environments with challenging focus. The sensor also offers both full-frame and Super35 modes, enabling you to select from a vast array of lenses to suit a variety of project types.


    Available with Sony E-mount lenses, the BURANO camera’s autofocus options include Fast Hybrid AF (phase-detection AF/contrast-detection AF) and Human Eye AF for accurately capturing fast-moving subjects even when you’re operating alone.

    Image Stabilization

    One exciting feature unique to the BURANO is its In-camera image stabilization for both Sony E- and ARRI PL-mount lenses – a first in digital cine-style capture. This new PL-mount lens feature provides 3-axis pitch, yaw, and roll stabilization with high, low, and off options. E-mount lenses benefit from 5-axis pitch, yaw, roll, x, and y stabilization with active, standard, and off settings.

    Built-In, Variable ND Filter

    Solo operators can quickly adjust their exposure when faced with changing light levels using the BURANO camera’s integrated, electronically variable 0.6 to 2.1 ND filter dial.

    Exceptional Latitude

    Thanks to its 8.6K sensor, the BURANO provides a massive 16 stops of dynamic range, producing phenomenal images with very low noise in conditions ranging from almost no light to blazing sunlight. It also offers excellent HDR imaging (high dynamic range) with unprecedented freedom when color grading in post-production.

    Dual-Base ISO

    Dual-base ISOs of 800 and 3200 enable the BURANO to excel at low-light, HDR capture. Its wide exposure latitude ranges from 6 stops over to 10 stops under 18% middle gray, for a total of 16 stops.

    Frame Rates

    The versatile BURANO supports multiple resolutions and frame rates including full-frame 8.6K at 30 fps, full-frame cropped 6K at 60 fps, Super35 5.8K, and Super35 cropped 4K at 120 fps.

    ARRI PL and Sony E-Mount

    The BURANO is equipped with the same rugged, reliable PL and E lens mount system as the VENICE, enabling you to select your lenses from a huge selection of lenses. The PL mount is compatible with all Super35 and full-frame PL lenses in both spherical and anamorphic versions. It also supports Cooke/I technology for frame-by-frame metadata and ZEISS eXtended Data. The E mount supports metadata when using Sony E-mount lenses.

    HD to 8K Recording with Multiple Codec Support

    Support for resolutions ranging from HD to 8.6K enables the BURANO to obtain the highest quality images for all your productions. Supported internal recording formats include the new XAVC H which uses the highly efficient H.265 codec to record 8K files, X-OCN LT for stunning raw images with efficient storage, and both XAVC-I and XAVC-L for UHD 4K and HD.

    X-OCN 16-Bit Original Camera Negative

    Ideal for the most advanced workflows, X-OCN (extended tonal range Original Camera Negative) codecs combine 16-bit precision with moderate bit rates to produce amazing color reproduction using manageable file sizes. X-OCN is supported for multiple resolutions and frame rates up to 8.6K 16:9 30 fps.

    Media Type

    Dual media slots on the BURANO enable it to record to CFExpress Type B cards; it also incorporates an SD card slot for utility functions.

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    Additional Introduction

    CFexpress Type B TOUGH Memory Cards 

    GP-VR100 Remote Control Grip 
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