Sony Alpha Rumors published a video stating that the Nikon ZF will be announced September 20 for 2,500€. No time was given and no us pricing was provided, but to provide context, the pricing in Euros is very similar to the Sony a7c II which retails for 2,399€ and $2,199. Using this as a baseline, the Nikon ZF will likely cost around $2,299.

    Both Nikon Rumors and Sony Alpha Rumors predicted an announcement timeframe of somewhere between August and September, but they do differ on price. Nikon Rumors has said that the price of the Nikon ZF will come in at around $1,999 body alone so that gives us a US price range of between $1,999 to $2,299. This leads us to the question, could they both be right? Could the price of 2,500 euros be the price of the body with a kit lens?

    We should know soon enough. The announcement will take place on September 20, though we do not know when yet. The Ordinary Filmmaker plans to do live coverage of the event along with guests that have hands on with the camera to ask questions live. Looks like live events has become a standard part of their coverage. During the live coverage of the Sony a7C II, Tony Northrup joined to take questions from the audience.

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    1. “The announcement will take place on September 20, though we do not know when yet”

      Isn´t this contradictory a sentence?. You either know is the 20th or don´t.

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