Multiple people have received cameras from Canon with firmware 1.8.2 installed. Customers who are Canon Professional Services (CPS) members have reported that the loaner camera received has 1.8.2, despite this update not being released to the general public or available for download.

    We do not know that the update includes, but based on the version number advancement of the last digit, the updates are likely minor or provide support for future products. This has happened before with the firmware update being made available to the general public a week later. The notable exception to this is with the Canon EOS R6 Mark II. Firmware 1.6.2 is the latest firmware reported, but it still not available to the general public.

    Canon eos r6 Mark II

    While the Canon EOS R% firmware update might be announced soon, another feature firmware update is expected before the end of the year, but will likely provide modest enhancements and is unlikely to remove the 30-minute record limit.

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    1. I can confirm. I just had my R5 in for maintenance/cleaning at the Canon Service Center in Costa Mesa, CA two weeks ago and the firmware is now 1.8.2. It was at 1.81 when I dropped it off.

    2. Let’s hope it finally makes the camera ‘pro-grade’ again!? Ever since updating to FW 1.5 my R5 freezes randomly. After about 15-20 seconds the camera starts responding again. Turning it on and off also does the job, but it is frustrating while on a shoot! Luckily I’ve still got my EOS R for some decent reliability.

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