Sony Alpha rumors says that they got price information from a trusted retail camera store stating that the Sony a7C II will be priced at 2,700€, or about $2,400. The same price as the Sony A7 IV. The Sony a7C R will sell for 3,600€ or about $3,499. That price is just shy of the Sony a7R V at $3,898.

    The Sony a7C R has a single card slot, the a7 R5 has dual cfexpress card slots. The a7C R has a 2.36 million dot EVF, the a7R V has a 9.44 million dot EVF. The a7c R has a max of 4K 60 fps, the a7R V can shoot 8K 24/25 fps. Selling the a7C R for between 400 to $600 less than the A7 R5 for a lot less doesn't make sense.

    Even Sony Alpha Rumors says that the pricing information doesn't make sense. However, the Sony A7 IV got a big bump in price of $500 over its predecessor so we are keeping an eye on this one. If true it disrupts current offers by song like the a7C, A7 IV and the a7R V.

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