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    The Nikon ZF retro looking full frame camera will have dual card slots according to Nikon Rumours. Previously Nikon Rumors indicated it would have a single card slot and be announced August 2, 2023. What's unique about these corrections is that Sony Alpha Rumors got them correct. While Sony Alpha Rumours and Nikon Rumors do agree on many capabilities of the Nikon ZF, the only specification the current disagree on is the sensor resolution and type.

    Sony Alpha Rumours claims that the Nikon Zf will have a 46 megapixel stacked sensor while Nikon Rumours says it will be 24 megapixels and not stacked. They also diverge on the announcement time frame. While both state August for a possible announcement, Sony Alpha Rumours states it will happen very soon, while Nikon Rumors indicates it will happen as late as the end of September.

    Nikon ZF specifications (rumoured)

    • August-September¬†announcement
    • 24 megapixel non stacked sensor vs 46mp stacked sensor
    • $1,999
    • Improved autofocus
    • Nikon Zfc retro design with better build
    • Top LCD
    • Nikon Df grip
    • Nikon Zfc
    • Fully articulating screen
    • Code name N2137

    Hopefully we will get validation soon. All this back and forth is giving us a headache!

    Read more: https://nikonrumors.com/2023/08/06/more-nikon-zf-camera-rumors.aspx/#ixzz89u3QM5Dq

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