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    While the Panasonic S5 IIx has done well, the big story is how the Nikon Z8 continues to sell well at the five largest Japanese camera retailers.

    Yodobashi Camera
    1. Sony a7 IV
    2. Nikon Z8 
    3. Sony a7IV Kit 
    4. Sony a7 RV 
    5. Canon EOS R10 & RF-S 18-150 IS STM

    Bic Camera
    1. Sony ZV-E10 Kit 
    2. Sony ZV-E10 Power Zoom Kit 
    3. Canon EOS R10 & the RF-S 18-150 IS STM  
    4. Nikon Z fc & the 16-50 VR
    5. Sony a6400 Kit

    Camera Kitamura
    1. Sony a6400 double lens kit  
    2. Nikon Z8
    3. Fujifilm X-S10 Double zoom lens kit 
    4. Fujifilm X-T5
    5. Sony ZV-E10 power zoom lens Kit 

    Map Camera
    1. Panasonic DC-S5M2X
    2. Nikon Z8
    3. Fujifilm X-S20 
    4. Fujifilm X-H2
    5. Canon EOS R6 Mark II 

    Fujiya Camera
    1. Nikon Z8
    2. Canon EOS R6 Mark II 
    3. Panasonic DC-S5M2XW 
    4. Fujifilm X-S20 
    5. Canon EOS R7 

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