Nikonrumours says that the Nikon Zf full frame camera will be announced August 2, 2023, but Sony Alpha Rumors just reported from a know and credible source that it is delayed days or weeks, but confirmed for August. But the big ones is that the $1,999 camera will have a stacked full frame sensor, the same one found in the Nikon Z9 and Nikon Z8. Even the owner and editorial director of Sony Alpha Rumours, Andrea, has trouble believing this though his source does have hands on with the camera and was told it does have the same Nikon Z8 stacked sensor?

    Regardless of what any source tells us, we must weigh in with a check of sorts, a reality check. Putting a stacked sensor inside a $4000 camera is a tall order, but a camera half the price is hard to believe from a cost point of view and from segmenting the Zf from the Nikon Z8 and Z9. Sure it only has a single SD card slot, but for many hobbyists, that might be enough to forgo the Nikon Z8.

    Nikon Zf Specs (Rumored)

    • August announcement
    • 45MP stacked sensor (SAR)
    • 45.7 mp sensor compared to Z6II & Z7II (NR)
    • Price for body only: $1,999
    • Very similar to the Nikon Zfc in terms of design/layout
    • Top LCD
    • Nikon Df grip/bump
    • One SD card slot
    • Better build quality compared to the Nikon Zfc
    • Fully articulating screen
    • Code name N2137

    Not everyone believes this. We have yet to get validation or any comment by Nikon Rumors, but the Ordinary Filmmaker doesn't buy it either.

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