Canon filed patent JP,2022-005873 which aims to reduce the overall size of the electronic viewfinder while allowing it to rotate. While this might sound like a solution in search of a problem, its ideal for those that are getting on the ground or bending over to get the right shot. A rotating EVF is what the articulating is to the LCD.

    While a new concept to Canon, Leica does his with the M11.

    As we looked over the patent application, one thing that was evident was the level of detail. We feel there is a strong possibility this could end up in the Canon EOS r% mark II, but an even greater chance it could end up in the R1 as its a premium capability and won't be cheap to manufacture.

    Patent Application Images

    However, the Ordinary Filmmaker takes things a step further. He thinks that this could be a feature in the Canon EOS R1 and be limited to a pro level camera. Plausible, but we think it makes sense with the EOS R3 and R1.

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