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    Sony Alpha rumors says we will be getting not one but two successors to the Sony a7c. The Sony a7C II will have 33mp, while the Sony a7c R will have the same resolution as the Sony a7R V. That's 61 megapixels, more than any offering from Canon, Nikon or Lumix. But how reliable is the information? Sony Alpha Rumors says that two known sources have confirmed we will be getting two cameras, but the specs are essentially wild rumours from an unknown source.

    There is much speculation as to if Sony will take the specs of the Sony a7R V specs and put them in a camera at half the price? The Ordinary Filmmaker cites the FX3 and FX30. The only differences is the sensor type: one being full frame (FX3), the other being APS-C (FX30), and of course price. He might be on to something. For now, there are no credible specs currently on the Sony a7C successor(s).

    Sony a7C II

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