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    Nikon Rumors wrote that “the price of Nikon's new full-frame retro-style mirrorless camera price in and around the $2,500 price point. Could this be the Nikon Z6 III, the Nikon Z7 III or another camera? And as far as look and feel, they think the camera could look like a modern version of the Nikon Df. As nice as these image look, I expect to see an all black model.

    The Nikon Z6 III and the Z7 III have been rumoured since mid-2022. A September release of one or both of these makes sense. However, once Nikon released the Z8, some question if the Z7 II makes sense. Does Nikon need another 45mp camera? No. It's more plausible that Nikon releases a high megapixel camera designed to compete against the a7 R5 rather than be a successor to the Z7 II.

    But the rumored price of $2,000 to $2,500 rules out a high megapixel camera or a Z7 II successor, bring us back to the Z6 III being the most likely camera. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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