As we all know, the Canon EOS R5 sports a 45mp image sensor, which is perfect for 8K video and a nice amount of data for photographers.

    Through some industry people, we have found out that it is very likely that the EOS R5 Mark II will get a resolution bump to 60mp, which seems to be a resolution embraced by other brands already. Reports suggest that the camera is already in the hands of the usual early testers as Canon works to refine the camera.

    The same sources said that the R52 will also have the capability of shooting 8K/60P. We do not know if the increased framerate for 8K/60P will be internal RAW. External recording capabilities are not yet known.

    One of the bigger issues for some shooters with the original EOS R5 was overheating in certain shooting situations. You'll be glad to hear that Canon has developed better cooling for the successor. No word whether or not it will have active cooling, but we don't think there is any space inside the current form factor for a fan.

    The same sources said that Canon is also working on new and improved AI autofocus capabilities.

    The Canon EOS R5 Mark II is expected to be announced in the first half of 2024. Our sources were unable to provide a clearer picture of when we can expect the announcement to come.

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