Several Chinese customers are reporting that the strap on their Nikon Z8 mirrorless camera is breaking while in normal use. At no point were the Nikon Z8 owners swinging the cameras around their head or juggling them.

    Bart says “So today I was out shooting an event with my Z8. I use peak Design anchors and strap. The anchor point on the camera broke. And the body fell. And it does not turn on anymore. Something audible is broken inside the body. But there is no external damage. As my Z6ii is also still out for service I will most likely be unable to keep shooting the event. As its tomorrow and the entire weekend. Any advice for me? I feel this should be a warrenty issue by Nikon. Its some horrible quality control.

    Nikon Z8


    Ling Boon Kok reported the same thing happening yesterday stating “If you have Nikon Camera, be careful :This sings easy to fall apart of the camera! Shoulder strap screw easy to fall apart! [Human translated]”


    Nikon Z8 strap failed

    Imagine being out shooting with your new camera, something you have waited years to have the strap break, crashing to the ground and breaking. Let's hope this doesn't affect too many of us. In the meantime, check for any stress fractures and call Nikon support to see if your camera might be affected,

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