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    BCN+R published an article discussing the recent shift in market share for interchangeable lens sales. We've captured the key points for those that cannot read Japanese.

    • The Z mount made significant progress and now holds the second position among interchangeable lenses, finally breaking away from its previous single-digit market share.
    • The demand for interchangeable lenses is surging. Throughout 2023, sales volume and sales amount have consistently recorded double-digit growth compared to the corresponding months of the previous year.

    • Manufacturers are engaged in fierce competition to secure their market shares. In June, Tamron claimed the top spot with an 18.0% share of unit sales. However, even fifth-ranked Sony managed to achieve double-digit sales with 12.9%. The leading manufacturers are vying for market dominance with only a narrow margin separating them.
    • When examining the distribution of market share by lens mount, the E-mount lens stands out as the overwhelmingly dominant player. It has maintained a market share of around 35% throughout the year, and this trend continued in June with a share of 35.5%.
    • The competition for second place and below appears to be more closely contested. However, Nikon's Z-mount lens for mirrorless single-lens cameras managed to climb from the fifth position in June of the previous year to the second position in June of this year.
    • The Z-mount lenses struggled with single-digit market share until February. They consistently ranked a disappointing fifth or sixth in the sales rankings by mount. However, in March, there was a sudden surge in demand. The Z-mount lenses achieved a double-digit market share for the first time, reaching 11.9%. This boost in sales was largely attributed to the launch of the NIKKOR Z 26mm f/2.8 lens, which sparked increased interest. Additionally, the cashback promotion held from March 10th to April 17th also played a role in driving sales.
    • Moreover, in May of this year, the market share of Z mount lenses experienced a significant increase, reaching 13.8% and immediately securing the second position in the rankings. This positive momentum continued into June, with the Z mount lenses maintaining their second-place position at 13.3%. This demonstrates a clear departure from the previous sluggish state they were in.
    • It is important not to overlook the contributions of third-party manufacturers in the expansion of the Z mount market share. Tamron made its entry into the Z mount lens market in September of the previous year, while Sigma followed suit in April. Although the combined market share of these two companies in Z mount lenses has not yet reached double digits, it is expected that third-party lenses will gradually increase their presence in the future.
    • When examining the market share of E-mount lenses, Tamron emerged as the leader in June, capturing 40.2% of the market. Sony followed closely in second place with a share of 35.1%. Depending on one's perspective, it could be said that Tamron has made significant inroads, almost overshadowing the main player.
    • In contrast, Canon has adopted an entirely different strategy. Canon focuses on its flagship mirrorless RF mount lenses, accounting for an impressive 98.7% of the sales volume. The presence of third-party lenses in the RF mount is quite limited. As a result, the market share of RF mount lenses remains sluggish, lingering in the single digits. This approach is likely to have repercussions on body sales in the future.
    • Sony, having experienced losses in the past due to standard competition between VHS and Betamax, as well as the inability to retain users with the Memory Stick format, has taken an active approach to providing the lens standard to external entities. It is interesting to note that they are attempting to establish an alliance around the E-mount lens. Similarly, Nikon has also turned towards external provision of mount standards. This leaves us with Canon, the leading market share holder in the digital camera industry. It will be intriguing to observe their decisions silently as they unfold.

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