Yodobashi Camera is the fourth largest camera retailer in Japan and Yodobashi just released their sales data for June 1 to June 16. Sony dominates the top 10 camera sales in a surprise move to Nikon Customers.

    1. Sony α74
    2. Sony α7R5 
    3. Sony α74 Zoom Kit 
    4. Nikon Z8 
    5. Nikon Zfc and the 16-50 VR SL 
    6. Canon EOS R50 Kit 
    7. Canon EOS R10 & RF-S18-150 IS STM Kit 
    8. Canon EOS R6 Mark II 
    9. Nikon Z50 Kit 
    10. Panasonic S5IIX Kit

    The big surprises is that after 18 ,months, the Sony a74 is still a very popular showing up in the top 3 in almost every week since it started shipping. The Canon R6 and R6 II, which it directly completes against, barely shows up in the top 10 most months.

    Canon does perform well with three recent cameras in the top 10 with the EOS R6 II being one of those. Nikon performs well with three cameras in the top 10, but the Nikon Z8 drops from first to fourth mostly likely to not having enough cameras to ship to customers, but they should clear preorders soon.

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