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    Sony Alpha Rumours confirmed most of the previous leaked specs for the a6700 as being, well real. According to Sony Alpha Rumors, “One trusted source that saw the new A6700 said it’s definitely a nice camera.” Well, there you go, a nice camera. I don't care for the word nice. It's just such a soft, kinda flabby word. There's no character to it. ‘Nice'…”Isn't he ‘nice'? Oh, he is so ‘nice'! And she's ‘nice', too! Isn't that ‘nice'?” It's like ‘fine'. Referring to the a6700 as nice doesn't build confidence, or imagination.

    Nice… hmmm…

    Sony A6700 specs

    • 26MP APS-C sensor
    • 4k 24/25, 30, 50/60, 100/120 fps
    • Dual SD CFexpress Type A card slots
    • AI features
    • Larger body with front dial under the shutter button
    • Price slightly below $1599
    • Announcement on July 12

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    This is a mock up of the Sony a6700 by Sony Alpha Rumors based on information they received.

    Sony a6700 mockup

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