Smallrig announced LP-E6NH battery for Canon cameras. SmallRig's battery has a higher 2400mAh capacity compared to Canon's 2130mAh. The Smallrig battery can be charged via USB-C port on top of the battery, no separate charger required, though it will work in standard Canon battery chargers.

    The new SmallRig battery features frosted ABS and PC shell, which is fire-resistant and durable. The battery is also slightly lighter than Canon at 105g, compared to 113g.

    All these capabilities for half the price. Smallrig's LP-E6Nh can be had for $39.99 compared to $79 for the Canon OEM. The only concern s that these are new batteries so we have no idea how long they last. From our testing, nothing beats Canon OEM batteries for Canon cameras.

    SmallRig LP-E6NH Key Features

    • USB-C charging port supports power bank, power strip, car charger, or other special chargers
    • Pioneering high-current charging (5V 2.2A) makes the battery fully charged in 2.5 hours
    • 2400mAh nominal capacity for longer run time
    • Visually distinctive color
    • Fully decoded, wide compatibility, no pop-ups
    • Quality battery cell, with a safe and reliable circuit for stable voltage and current output
    • Battery Weight: 105g (Canon OEM 113g)

    Preorders are available now, shipping commences July 30, 2023, but only to the US.

    Check out the SmallRig LP-E6NH $39

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