Angelbird launched two CFexpress Type B SE and SX memory cards, with larger capacities and improved speed and performance offering the lowest cost per gigabyte of $0.30c/GB. Each card is designed, engineer and manufactured in Dornburn Austrial using high quality flash designed to last the life of your camera.

    Angelbird AV Pro CFexpress B SE

    The 1TB CFexpress Type B SE card is aimed at video content creators with a maximum sustained write speed of 1300MB/s, and capable of capturing high-definition video and images in up to 12K+ RAW. The 1TB card retails for $299.

    However, if you don't need 1TB, Angelbird sells a 512 GB card with a maximum sustained write speed of 800MB/s which is capable of recording 8K RAW up to 120 fps. The 512GB card costs 

    Both capacities are well-positioned transitional media for professionals and next-gen creators looking to upgrade to CFexpress Type B technology offering prices comparable to V60 SD cards yet blazing fast sustained read and write speeds.

    Angelbird AV Pro CFexpress B SX


    The AV PRO CFexpress B SX memory card is specifically designed to meet the demands of professional photographers and videographers that need the fastest sustained read and write speeds capable of shooting in up to 12K+ RAW video and 20 fps continuous shooting lossless raw.

    The 300GB and 160GB cards can sustained 1480 MB/s sustained write speed allowing for buffer-free burst photography with the right balance of storage capacity and speed for advanced photography without breaking the bank. The 330GB card costs $299, while the 160GB card costs $129.

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    Demanding formats such as 8K+ RAW recording or continuous shot photography place a heavy data burden for most camera systems.

    Capturing detailed, high-definition frames requires a sustained write speed that does not throttle or drop off in performance as the capacity of the card gets used.

    Angelbird Stable Stream™ technology supports the powerful sustained write speeds ensuring that a steady speed range is maintained throughout the duration of each shooting session for the entire capacity of the card.


    To maintain optimal camera compatibility, performance, and full feature set of the Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress Type B cards, use the Firmware Update Tool accesssible exclusively via an Angelbird CFexpress B Card Reader.

    While the AV PRO CFexpress B cards are compatible with other card readers available on the market, the ability to perform firmware updates is limited to the communication synergy between Angelbird cards and Angelbird readers.


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