According to Sony Alpha Rumors, the Sony a6700 will be announced July 12, 2023. While we don't know the leaked specs of the camera to date, Sony Alpha rumors says that the Sony a6700 will be faster than the X-T5, have more dynamic range, have a better autofocus system and have better image quality.

    Little is know about the size and video or stills capabilities. Previous rumours were consider wild rumours, having no basis in reality.

    We are being told that the Sony a6700 will be a high end APS-C camera in and around the capabilities of the FX30, with a price lower than the X-T5. Does this mean that Sony is aiming the a6700 at the X-T5? We shall see in two weeks.

    Derek is a writer, video and stills shooter who has been in the video graphics industry since the 1980s. Derek is a founding member of the Camera Insider.

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