According the Canon Rumours, the Canon EOS R5 II will be announced in Q4, and not in Q2 as previously rumoured in 2022 when we heard that the Canon EOS R5 II would be announced in the second quarter of 2023.

    “We have been told by one very good source that Canon has ever intention to announce the EOS R5 replacement one way or another in Q4″

    The EOS R5 II will come before the EOS R1, which will have a slow and steady set of leaks intermixed with teasers beginning in Q1 with the announcement and release of the EOS R1 before the Paris 2024 Summer Games. We are beginning to get more noise about the EOS R5 II so things are likely in place. To have the announcement of the R5 II one year after the R6 II is looking more and more likely.

    Canon Rumours said that we should “not expect any meaningful resolution increase on the EOS R5 Mark II, that 45mp resolution may be the sweet spot for quite some time. Which is also welcomed from our point of view.” But will Canon take the bait from Sony and bump the camera up to 50 megapixels?

    Canon Rumours also said that a third variant is likely in a high megapixel camera “Another source mentioned that it's possible Canon releases two EOS R5 replacement bodies. One being the EOS R5 Mark II, and the other being the unicorn high-megapixel EOS R5 variant. If you're going to make both cameras, it would be very good for consumers to give them a choice as to which way they'd want to go, instead of having to “settle”. The high-megapixel version won't have the same video features as the EOS R5 Mark II, which should be expected and quite frankly, welcomed.”

    Sounds like the second half of this year has a lot of surprises for us. We are also expecting updates from Panasonic Nikon and Sony, with Sony planning a few summer announcements with cameras based off the a7S3 specifications.

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