The Nikon Z8, the best selling camera for the second half of May according to Yodobashi Camera out to Japan. Yodobashi Camera is the fourth largest Japanese retailer and reports camera sales data every two weeks. Nikon has three cameras in the top 10 with the hotly anticipated Nikon Z8 the best selling camera for the first time. Sony has four cameras and Canon has three. Fuji and Panasonic are shut out once again.

    Yodobashi Top 10 Camera Sales

    1. Nikon Z 8 Body 
    2. Sony α7 IV Body
    3. Nikon Z 9
    4. Sony a7 IV zoom kit 
    5. Sony a7R V 
    6. Canon EOS R50 zoom kit 
    7. Sony FX3 
    8. Canon EOS R6 Mark II & RF24-105 L IS USM
    9. Nikon Z fc & 16-50 VR SL 
    10. Canon EOS R6 Mark II

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