The Nikon Z9 is the top selling camera at Yodobashi Camera, but this isn't the only Nikon camera represented in the top 10. Two Nikon APS-C cameras, the Zfc and Z50 make it onto the list. But the big news is that Sony dominates positions 2 through 8 with the FX30, FX 3, A7 R5 and the a74 while Canon only manages to take positions 9 and 10 with the Canon R50 and the Canon R10. One thing is clear, the Japanese public is more interested in APS-C cameras in May.

    The Nikon Z8 will ship on May 25, 2023 two expect the Nikon Z8 sales propel it to first place in June. With Canon getting ready to refresh their pro level cameras, don't expect to see the R5 and R3 back in the top 10 anytime soon, though it is surprising that the R6 II did not make an appearance.

    Yodobashi Top 10 Camera Sales May 1 – May 15, 2023

    1. Nikon Z 9 
    2. Sony α7 IV 
    3. Sony α7 IV Kit 
    4. Sony FX30  
    5. Sony α7R V 
    6. Sony FX3  
    7. Nikon Z fc with the 16-50 VR SL Lens Kit 
    8. Nikon Z 50 Kit 
    9. Canon EOS R50 Kit 
    10. Canon EOS R10 with the RF-S18- 150 IS STM Lens

    Sales data courtesy of Map Camera & Yodobashi.

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