RED Digital Cinema updated RED KOMODO-X ST cinema camera and several accessories, including the Nano-V battery, compact top handle and RF to PL lens mount adapters for the KOMODO and V-RAPTOR lines.

    A Next-Gen Sensor

    Retaining the size of the original KOMODO 6K S35 global shutter sensor, The RED Komodo-X camera has an entirely new sensor providing more detail in the shadows, enhance color depth, and double-supported frame rates in 6K up to 80 frames per second and up to 120 frames per second in 4K.

    Updated Camera Body and Connectivity

    The KOMODO-X is updated to match the feature set and accessories of the RED DSMC3 line. It can now accept micro V-mount batteries such as the Nano-V. No more adapter needed.

    We still have the 12G-SDI output, 9-pin Genlock/TC EXT port, and remote connector. Are to the Komodo is the 5-pin audio input for an optional DSMC3 Dual XLR or 3.5mm Adapter, a smaller 2.4 inch LCD , a USB-C output for data connection, and full-size 4-pin power input.  

    For those that need an IP-based workflow, the KOMODO-X supports USB-C connectivity for offloading and control, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity for RED Control or RED Control Pro and media offloading over IP via FTP or Cloud Uploading connections. It also supports PTP/tri-level genlock sync to create LED Volume Wall productions.

    New Accessories

    RED released two adapters that provide PL-mount Lens compatibility with /i connectivity using the RF to PL Adapter for KOMODO and also works for the V-RAPTOR.

    Each adapter includes mounting plates and an electronic ND filter adapter pack, which includes a clear filter and an electronic ND filter with a range of 2 to 7 stops in 1/4, 1/3, or 1-stop increments.

    In partnership with CoreSWX, RED created the Nano V ultra compact V mount battery. It weighs 10 oz and it’s flat enough to ensure that the battery is flush to the camera surface so it doesn’t interfere with cages or accessories. It's rated at 49Wh capacity with a 6A draw, and it can simultaneously power the camera and the RED Touch 7.0″ Monitor for short durations.

    Red also released a new top handle that's designed for low-angle shots. It is designed for KOMODO-X and DSMC3 cameras and it features a trigger control button. You can also mount a monitor on top using the 15mm monitor mount.

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