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    Angelbird Technology GmBH just announced the 1TB CFexpress Type A card today for $499 — that’s $.50/GB. To put that in perspective, Sony sells a 640GB CFexpress Type A card for $1,248, at a cost of about $2/GB – four times the price.

    Key specs

    • 1TB capacity
    • 650 MB/s sustained write speed
    • 750 MB/s sustained read speed 
    Who Is Angelbird?
    Angelbird builds storage solutions for creatives, those than created an edit high resolution video and high-speed continuous stills. They produce storage solutions for ARRI, RED and Atomos. 
    Angelbird plans, engineer, fabricate their storage solutions in Dornbirn, Austria. They do not believe in outsourcing mission critical parts of their business. This gives them the opportunity to pivot quickly, rapidly prototype a new product, and enhance existing products.
    Last night, we met up with Roman Rabitsch at NAB 2023. Roman is the CEO and founder of Angelbird technologies GmBH. When he told us about the 1TB card, we were shocked. How could they offer a CFexpress Type A card for $499 using high quality flash for a capacity larger than the competition. Here's what Roman had to say:

    Camera Insider: How they were able to produce a larger capacity card, that’s faster and cheaper by a factor of 4 times.

    Roman Rabitsch: We just do things different and listen to our customers. Our goal and duty is to find ways to satisfy our customer’s needs. Nothing more or less. Angelbird’s DNA is to be creative and create gear we think the market and our users do need.

    Camera Insider: CFexpress Type B card prices have come down a lot in two years, but Type A cards have remained high. What made you decide to start making CFexpress Type A cards, and why did you offer your cards at such a low price compared to the competition?

    Roman Rabitsch: We know you have to spend $2000 on a camera, so if you have to spend another $1000 on storage something, does not add up.

    Camera Insider: How is Angelbird different from the competition?

    Roman Rabitsch: We’re a bunch of creative people. We still love the technology. Always pushing the boundaries, to go one step further. We’re still hungry for more.

    Camera Insider: We then asked what's coming out next from Angelbird? 

    Roman Rabitsch: More to come, he said with a smile.

    Angelbird AV PRO 1TB CFexpress Type A Specifications 
    • Maximum read speed: 820 MB/s
    • Maximum write speed: 730 MB/s
    • Maximum sustained write speed: 650 MB/s
    • Maximum sustained read speed: 750 MB/s
    • Designed for 4K+ raw video and high speed continuous stills
    • Stable StreamTM: Ensures uninterrupted read/write performance for the entire capacity of the card. 
    • Adaptive Thermal Management: heat sensors within the card monitor operating temperature of processor and NAND flash components and protect the card and its contents by automatically signalling a safe shutdown or adapting performance so an optimal temperature range is reached.
    • Minimal Power Drain – High performance with low power demand from host camera. 
    • Build Quality: protection from moisture, x-ray, magnets, shock, and dust. 
    • Operating temperature: -10°C to 70°C (14 °F to 158 °F). 
    • Storage temperature: -20 °C to 85 °C (-4 °F to 185 °F). 
    • Sticker-Free: smooth sticker-free card surface. 
    • Fast Data Offloading: up to 20 Gb/s1 data transfers. 
    • Data Recovery – In house data recovery service free of charge while under warranty.
    CFexpress Type A cards are designed for Sony Cameras

    Derek is a writer, video and stills shooter who has been in the video graphics industry since the 1980s. Derek is a founding member of the Camera Insider.

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