DJI announces the Inspire 3 with 8K video and a 45MP full-frame sensor. The Inspire 3 is a professional level drone. It's lighter, and moves through the air better. It also has nine sensors for omnidirectional obstacle detection. DJI obstacle detection is what has made their drones second to none.

    Before 2020, the idea of a 45 megapixel sensor and 8K video seemed like a fantasy, or science fiction for most. However, 2023, 8K video has become essential at this price point. Starting at US$13,200, it's solidly aimed at professional that want high quality cinematic video. Is it the best DJI drone? Let us know in the discussion.

    DJI Inspire 3 Specifications

    Inspire 3 Inspire 2
    Gimbal Camera Full-frame sensor
    Dual-Native ISO at 800-4000 or 200-4600
    Super 35 or M43 Sensor, EI 100 -1600 (X7 camera)
    Maximum Video Specs 8K75 fps ProRes RAW
    8K25 fps CinemaDNG
    6K30 fps ProRes RAW
    6K30 fps CinemaDNG
    Maximum Gimbal Tilt +100º (+80º obstruction- free tilt at 50mm, 75º at 35mm, 70º at 24mm, 65º at 18mm) +40º
    FPV Camera Type 1/1.8 CMOS sensor 161º FOV Type 1/7.5 CMOS sensor 84º FOV
    Positioning Accuracy Centimeter level with RTK on Meter level
    Sensing System Nine sensors with six-direction obstacle sensing, customizable avoidance range Tri-directional obstacle sensing
    Flight Time Max 28 minutes Max 23 minutes
    Intelligent Flight Modes Waypoint Pro: Repeatable Routes, Waypoint Pro: 3D Dolly, Spotlight Pro TapFly, ActiveTrack, Spotlight
    Video Trasmission and Maximum Range O3 Pro at approx. 15km Lightbridge at approx. 7km
    Storage PROSSD 1TB (included) CINESSD 120/240/480/960GB (sold separately)

    Source: DJI

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