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    Sony Electronicas just updated the Software Development Kit (SDK) for providing remote shooting and camera integration capabilities. Improvements include:

    • Performance
    • Shutter trigger
    • Overheat status

    This is the news release from Sony Electronics on the SDK enhancements

    SAN DIEGO, CA. April 12, 2023 – Sony Electronics announces the launch of a new version (Version 1.08) of the Camera Remote Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables remote operation and setting changes of Sony cameras. Version 1.08 widens the range of potential applications with new features, as well as expanding the compatible models. Version 1.08 means the SDK can be used with the ZV-E1 full-frame interchangeable lens camera, announced on March 29, 2023.

    “With each SDK release, we are integrating learnings from customers and expanding the functionality and magnitude of applications and capabilities,” says Yang Cheng, Vice President, Imaging Solutions, Sony Electronics Inc. “The updated SDK allows our cameras to be used in more industrial and B2B applications, ranging from photogrammetry or medical companies, to inspection, and e-Commerce. We are excited for professional clients to have the ability to explore new functionalities.”

    Key new features include

    Improved processing speed: In repetitive shooting scenarios, the processing speed for setting, shooting, and transferring files is reduced by approximately 20%i, improving workflow efficiency. This will be perfect for e-Commerce applications, where users need to take 360 degree continuous pictures of an object or model for web publishing, with quick turnaround times. Capturing more frames in a shorter time also means that battery life is optimized, which is particularly important for drone applications such as mapping or surveying.
    Added support for shutter trigger by electrical signal and remote power on/offii. In photogrammetry, photobooths or even road traffic management, an electrical signal improves the accuracy for triggering image capture, opposed to a software-based trigger.   

    New remote settings support: Version 1.08 supports remote menu settings for video, including picture profile settings and timecode (TC)/user bit (UB) settingsiii. This will create an enhanced workflow for video making and widen possibilities for existing photo-based applications.  

    “Overheating warning” status notification: This function allows the camera to notify remote users of any significant increase in temperatureiv. In outdoor applications such as desert roads or systems where the camera is embedded in a wider computer infrastructure with high heat due to processing, users will be able to monitor the cameras more precisely.

    With this SDK release, software developers can design bespoke applications tailored to business requirements, integrating Sony’s equipment for size-critical drone and speed camera systems, as well as other medical, education, government, and e-commerce applications. This SDK will continue to be available free of charge. The Camera Remote SDK can be used to control several cameras in the Sony camera range including Cinema Line cameras, with the full list of compatible cameras available here.

    For details and download of the Camera Remote SDK: Camera Remote SDK | SONY

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