Canon released firmware 1.8.1 for the Canon EOS R5, skipping firmware 1.8.0. The only enhancement in this firmware update is Pixel Shift, or as Canon calls it, IBIS High Resolution Shooting.

    We had published a previous story that Canon would be adding 400 mp images with IBIS high resolution, but had hoped it would be able to deal with moving objects.

    Firmware 1.8.1 includes the following improvements and fixes:

    1. [IBIS Hi-Res Shooting] has been added to the menu. By utilizing the in-body image stabilization mechanism, it is now possible to record images with higher resolution.
      • To check your images, use the EOS Utility/Digital Photo Professional. EOS Utility/Digital Photo Professional requires updating.
    2. Added [Save and read communication settings to card] to the menu. Network settings can now be transferred between cameras of the same model.
    3. It is now possible to crop and resize images during image transfer to an FTP server.
    4. Added “Image Protection” for FTP transfer to the menu. Images transferred via FTP can now be automatically protected. This allows you to determine whether the image has been transferred by FTP.
    5. Fixed minor bugs.

    Download firmware 1.8.1 from Canon here.

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