The Canon RF 24-240 F/4-6.3 USM IS Lens is chosen as a low cost alternative for many hobbyists and first time camera owners as an alternative to the more expensive RF 24-105 F4. But how does it perform? Is it a waste of money, or a solid go anywhere general purpose lens?

    We have the link below to the full review, but here are the highlights.

    • The lens is sturdy and lightweight due to its largely plastic construction, but unlike the RF 24-105 F4, it does have any weather sealing.
    • There is not wobble when the lens fully extended.
    • The movement of the zoom and control rings is smooth.
    • The hood option is a must to maintain high contrast.
    • The autofocus is very fast and silent using a single nano USM motor.
    • Image stabilization is a benefit to videographers and photographers alike.
    • At 50mm, there is a slight pincushion effect which increases as one zooms in.
    • In the uncorrected state, the four corners become black at -12.5EV regardless of the aperture, and it is unusable without automatic correction.
    • The 24-240 produces good results but does employ heavy auto-correction to keep things inline. Sharpness in the centre is excellent but falls off towards the edges.
    • Best results for handheld are from 24-50 and is a solid general purpose lens for amateurs and hobbyists, but one should consider the 24-105 F4 on their roadmap due to superior optical quality format from the centre to the edges throughout the entire focal range, its weather sealing, and a fix F4 for better low light.

    Source: Optical Limits

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