Every camera has a warranty period where your Canon camera is supported and repaired at no cost to you. This period ranges from one to five years. Once a camera goes out of warranty, it enter support period hardware can be fixed for a fee, but software and technical support is still provided free.

    At some point, every camera reaches End-Of-Support were Canon will no longer offer software updates and will not provide technical support.

    Want to know how long Canon will support your camera?

    Canon Support
    • EOS M3: July 2024
    • EOS M5: February 2026
    • EOS M6: March 2027
    • EOS M6 Mark II: March 2029
    • EOS M10: September 2024
    • EOS M100: November 2026
    • EOS M200: TBD
    • EOS M200 (Gold): March 2028
    • EOS KissM: November 2027
    • EOS KissM II: TBD
    • EOS R: November 2029
    • EOS R3: TBD
    • EOS R5: TBD
    • EOS R6: TBD
    • EOS R7: TBD
    • EOS R8: TBD
    • EOS R10: TBD
    • EOS Ra: January 2028
    • EOS RP: TBD
    • EOS RP (Gold): June 2026

    End of support dates for all Canon Cameras.

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