Many Canon customers feel that Canon has not been keeping up with the competition. Customers complain of low frame rates, cropped video, and some have even left Canon, but the latest leaked rumors for a camera to be called the Canon RS or Canon R5 is not only detailed in what the camera offers, but bold, bypassing everything else in the market.

    Canon Rumors said that said that while they find the camera too good to be true, that they “received this information from two unrelated people, one of which I have had interaction with in the past, and I actually trust neither of them is trolling me in any way. Some of their specifications are slightly different, but they're still very close.

    Canon EOS R5 Specifications
    • 45 Megapixel full-frame sensor
    • 5-stop IBIS; 7-8 effective stops with in-lens stabilization
    • 12 fps mechanical, 20fps electronic
    • 8K 24/25, 30 fps RAW
    • 4K 24/25, 30, 50/60, 100/120 fps
    • Dual card slots
    • Scroll wheel added to the back
    • No touch bar
    • Liveview toggle like previous EOS DSLRs
    • Larger capacity battery, but looks like the LP-E6
    • Built-in 5GHz WiFi
    • Announcement ahead of CP+ next month
    • Launch date: Summer 2020

    Expect further validation and confirmation to come in the following days and weeks.

    Source: Canon Rumors

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