Sony Alpha Rumors said that Sony is running ahead of schedule for their 2023 product roadmap.

    “A reliable source that has consistently hit the mark over the years has provided the following information: Sony is accelerating production of some products as it needs to sell more camera products to compensate for the semiconductor shortage and to make up for the poor sales in its TV division.”

    Sony Alpha Rumors didn't specify which products have been accelerated. But suggested that the Sony a 7C schedule for the second half of the year. July is normally a very slow month for camera manufacturers giving Sony the opportunity to bring forward a high end crop sensor camera from July to June.

    Sony, like Canon and Nikon recently complete a pull out of China. This should improve semiconductor availability, but many components are still made on the mainland. However, the availability of goods is already far better in 2023 than the previous three years.

    We're looking forward to seeing what Sony delivers in 2023. There are so many possibilities: A9 III, A7C II, A7S IV, A6XXX, A7XXX

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